Cardan Spindle

The cardan spindles include the universal joint,flange yoke,tube yoke(welded yoke),spline assembly.

The spline assembly includes the spline sleeve,spline shaft and the dust cover.

The universal joint material we use 20CrMnTi,and for the items have large size (more than 550mm of flange yoke dia),we will use 20CrNi4A.

We can make the flange yoke and tube yoke by forging,and it is usually better than by casting.

They are widely used in paper making machinery,rolling mill,steel mill,pumps,down coiler,marine drives,crane,straightening machines,tube piercer,plate mill,crushers,wind mill test machine,bar mill,wind mill,locomotives

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cardan spindle

cardan spindle shaft,main cardan spindle