Cardan Shaft – Universal Joint Shaft – Universal Coupling – Drive Shafts with High Quality

Can be made as forging or casting

Make dynamic balance



Cardan Shaft / Universal Joint Shaft / Drive Shaft / Cardan Spindle / Universal Coupling

Cardan Shaft also we called drive shaft,universal joint shaft,cardan spindle,which is is widely used in rolling mill
machine, paper machine, lift device, vehicle and marine drivers.

It can continuously rotate between the two shafts on same axis or big angle of axis or big axis moves.

The cardan shaft universal couplings have different designing principles, structures and material combination.

Based on the designing principle of the longest bearing’ s lifetime or biggest load capacity.

There are 3 designing types of cross joint’s structure. They are:
SWC type integral fork cross shaft universal couplings
SWZ type integral bearing foundation cross shaft universal couplings
SWP type split bearing foundation cross shaft universal couplings
·Cross shaft, bearing, shaft and fork are all made of good alloy steel and combined by proper heat treatment.
We can produce the cross shaft universal couplings based on customers’ demand.

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cardan shaft

universal joint shaft,cardan spindle

cardan shaft

universal coupling,universal joint shaft,

We consider the factors of structure types, usage lifetime and biggest load capacity and come up with the best combination to obtain the best performance.
The universal joint shaft is normally connected to the flange adapters at both ends by flanging and bolting the outboard yoke flanges to the
flanges of the flange adapters.

There are four types of flange connections as shown below:

Bolt hole connection ,

Face key connection,

Integral face pad connection

Hirth serration connection




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